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Items are generally placed according to the theme of the item, not the intended use of the item.  As an example I have many different Welcome signs available like cow, crab, duck, etc.  They can be found by looking in the specific theme category.  If you were looking for a Welcome Cow sign, it would be found in the cow theme link.  Anything having to do with a dolphin would be found in the link for dolphin.

If you are looking for something that is not listed, let me know and I will advise if it is available.  I have many completed projects that have not been posted to the web yet.  If I don't have it, I can probably make it for you.

Angel: Wall hook
Anvil: Light switch cover plates, wind chimes
Bear -
Wall hook
Blacksmith at anvil:
Light switch cover plates, signs, wall hangings.
Bottle tree:  
Unique hanging bottle tree.
Candle Holders:  Corn Cob candle holder
Carpenter Bee Trap An easy solution to those destructive wood boring bees!
Cow/Bull: Bull welcome sign, Cow welcome sign
Cowboy-Cowgirl: Key rack/pot holder/mug holder
Crab - Welcome sign, Key rack/pot holder/mug holder, horseshoe peeler crab, custom house number sign
Deer: Light switch cover plate
Dragonfly: Light switch cover plate
End Table:
Fish: Light switch cover plates, Fish key racks/pot mat holders
Flag Holders: Welcome
Flamingo: 4 Pink Flamingo scene hand painted
Flower Holders:
Frog: Garden critters
Gift Certificates
Hearts: heart ringer, heart stars&stripes
Heron: Heron ground stake, Heron palm oval scene, Heron/cattails rectangle scene, Welcome sign
Hooks: Hanging basket hook
Horse: Light switch cover plates, Horse-heart ground stake
Horseshoe: Light switch cover plates, toilet paper holder, wall hook.  See also our Crab link for other uses for a horseshoe:)
Hummingbirds: light switch cover plates, hummingbird ground stakes, key racks/hot mat holders
Iris Sculpture:
Light switch cover plates, napkin holders
Koala: Light switch cover plates, napkin holders, wall hangings, Key rack/pot holder/mug holder
Kokopelli: Light switch cover plates
Laugh Signs: Text arranged to make you at least smile - maybe even laugh!
Ground stake or wall plaque, Key rack/pot holder/mug holder
Paint colors: See this link for the Rustoleum product colors we use
Pig: flying pig spinners
Preying mantis: Yard art
Railroad Spikes: wall hook, spike "art"
Roosters-chickens: Ground stakes, Light Switch Cover Plates, Welcome sign
Seahorse: Seahorse wall plaque
Shovel Art & Signs:  "Grow Dammit", Abstract Shovel Faces
Spatula Man: light switch cover plates, wall decoration
Sun: Light switch cover plates, wall decoration, wall hooks
Tractors: Wall switch cover plates, welcome signs

Unique Items Gallery: A photo gallery of unique items we have designed that are available for purchase at our business location.


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