Blacksmith Forged Flower End Table

This item features a hand painted flower motif on sturdy legs with forged basket twists.  The bottom features a basket weave of metal strips. 

Approximate dimensions 12 inches square and 26 inches high.

Natural steel color is standard but we can also paint the table frame black if you so request.

A glass circle goes on top to provide a flat surface.

The pipe is heated in the forge, then selectively cooled and hammered down to form unique designs. No two pipes come out alike. I added some forged flowers and leaves and attached everything to a heavy, free-form base. The piece was then tumbled in a deburring machine, cleaned and clear coated with lacquer protective finish. It reminds me of a pewter-like color without the hazard of lead.

Approximate dimensions 16 inches wide and high.

(Shown with artificial flowers for picture purposes only.)

Blacksmith Forged Iris Sculpture

What started out as a simple forging of a single iris flower has offered new opportunities to forge out larger iris sculptures.

This particular one shown was designed to hold 4 solar light bulbs that has a crackle finish to them. I saw these lights at a department store and just had to design a flower to go with them.

If you are not into the solar thing, these lights can be easily removed and replaced with candles.

Designed primarily as an outdoor accent piece when entertaining, but still serves as a nice sculpture for garden art.

This item features 4 separate hand forged and textured iris flowers, along with forged/textured leaves and attached to a heavy circle base. The overall project was heat treated with a torch to create unique colors and then clear coated with lacquer.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it will never rust in some spots, but lacquer is a good finish for exterior products. While we try to cover all parts of the sculpture with lacquer, on occasion, a rust spot can develop somewhere.

This particular piece is a little less than 3 feet tall and about 24 inches wide, but extremely heavy!

Definitely will outlast our lifetime!

Other sizes can be special ordered, including different finishes or paint colors. Contact us by email with your ideas.

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