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Okay, so it's a bit out of the ordinary, but some days you really work hard to create something new. This "2 NA" (Tuna) fish measures 7" long x 4" high and is mounted on a ground stake. Painted Rustoleum silver hammer texture color.

Measures about 10" x 10" and cut out of 3/16" thick steel.  It has been given an aged patina finish.  It can easily support any hanging plant basket or other type items.  Attaches to any wall surface with two screws.  Use as a single accent or put one on each side of your house doorway entrance!

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Cut from 14 ga steel, painted in Rustoleum brown hammer textured enamel paint. Measures about 5x7 inches.

Can be custom enlarged to any size you want. Email for price quote.

Bottle Tree Hanging Type

This rebar structure holds up to 12 bottles and is designed to hang from a tree limb or other suitable support.

It features a closed ring at the top for hanging and a closed ring at the bottom for a hanging basket or wind chime.

Approximate dimensions are 31 inches high x 12 inches wide.

Painted in gloss black, exterior enamel paint.

Bull Welcome Sign

Measures about 13" tall and wide. Pre-drilled hole for mounting at the top. Painted with Rustoleum black hammer texture paint.

Bull welcome sign blk

Cow Welcome Sign

Measures about 13" tall and 16"wide. Pre-drilled holes for mounting at the top. Painted with Rustoleum black hammer texture paint.

Cow welcome sign


Carpenter bees drill holes into exterior wood siding, decks, most anything made of wood outdoors. They damage the wood and can cause extensive repair cost. An easy solution is to trap the bees using this bee trap. No chemicals are needed, simply hang the trap in the area of known bee activity. These traps are made of natural fir lumber; naturally more water resistant and does not tend to warp as bad as pine. The bee traps come completely assembled with instructions.

carpenter bee Bee Trap

A 10 in. diameter circle cut from 1/4 in. steel. The tractor is offset away from the circle and the text is etched into the steel. Painted with enamel paint colors, but it is not powder-coated so be careful when handling.

All in one! You get the Farmall tractor cut out, Welcome text and flag holder. Mount to any post or solid surface.

Two-tone with red and silver.

Farmall welcome flag holder red silver

Two-tone with red and black.

Farmall welcome flag holder red black

Blacksmith Forged Flower End Table

This item features a hand painted flower motif on sturdy legs with forged basket twists.  The bottom features a basket weave of metal strips. 

Approximate dimensions 12 inches square and 26 inches high.

Natural steel color is standard but we can also paint the table frame black if you so request.

A glass circle goes on top to provide a flat surface.

Flying Pig Small Spinner

Measuring 7 1/2 in. by 5 in. Available in pink, purple, red, brown, and black colors. Custom colors are possible, just ask.

Pig flying pink Pig flying purple

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