Measures 16 in. long by 4 in. high and mounted on a rebar ground stake. Two designs sure to brighten up your day!

This design has letters mounted in different positions. Black with a blue-finish patina.

Laugh sign

This design has letters mounted in a straight line. Black with an aged patina.

Laugh sign2patina

Approximately 20 in. wide by 22 in. tall with a 14 in. ground stake. Finished in a aged patina paint.

Also available as a wall plaque without ground stake. No hook is provided as it is finished on both sides and you can face it left or right.

This 4 flamingo scene is hand painted in blacksmiths guilders paste and can be clear coated for outdoor display.

The overall dimensions are approximately 18" tall x 28" wide.

Made from old railroad spike, bolts, sheet metal, tubing, etc. It stands about 12 in. high by 24 in. long. Painted in a green exterior enamel paint with cream paint textured wings.

This has been a very HOT selling item.

Made from 14 ga. steel, measures approximately 10 in. by10 in. and includes a mounted ground stake. Painted in Rustoleum hammer texture in gold, red, bronze, and copper.

A Pair of Seahorse Sculptures.

Cut from 14 ga. steel and painted black with patina finish.

Stands 21 in. tall by 10 in. wide. This features tabs that are bent out to resemble scales.

Hook on back for hanging on wall.

Patina finish will vary in texture with each Seahorse.

Approximately 12" diameter of 14 ga. steel. There is a hook on the back for easy hanging.

In this design, the rays of the sun have been cut out. Available in aged patina and gold.

Sun circle face1 Sun circle face1gold

In this design, the rays of the sun are not cut out, but can be bent out to produce a 3-D effect. Available in aged patina and copper hammer texture.

Sun circle face2patina Sun circle face2cpr

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