These frogs are all the same basic shape, each is treated differently in the finishing process.

GCF1 has "warts" added to it and bronze colored with clear coat finish.


GCF2 has both "warts and geometric" designs added to it.


GCF4 frog is a heat treated finish bringing out multiple colors and clear coated.


GCF5 frog has a rust finish to it.


All the frogs are available in 2 sizes.  The small is approximately 12" long x 7" high.  The large frog measures about 18" long x 10" high.

These look great around your aquatic landscape.

Not made from a real shovel, but cut from 14 ga. steel in a round point shovel design. Measures about 10 in. wide by 12 in tall with attached hook for easy hanging. Available in copper, black, bronze, silver, and gold hammer textured paint finish.


Available in black, bronze, silver, gold or copper finish. Please specify color desired.


Music Man Face is vailable in gold, black, bronze, silver, and copper.


Measures approximately 6 in. x 6 in. on a 10 in. ground stake.

Black with an aged patina finish

Hummingbird1 patina

Light-blue hammer texture

Hummingbird Light-blue hammer texture

Gold hammer texture

Hummingbird1 patina

Green hammer texture

Hummingbird Green hammer texture

Olive green, not hammered

Hummingbird Olive green

Red hammer texture

Hummingbird Red hammer texture

Aged rust

Hummingbird Aged rust

Patinaed with red breast color

Hummingbird Patinaed with red breast color

Approximately 20 in. wide by 22 in. tall with a 14 in. ground stake. Finished in a aged patina paint.

Also available as a wall plaque without ground stake. No hook is provided as it is finished on both sides and you can face it left or right.

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