Cut from 14 ga. steel and painted black and patina finished. Mounted to two ground stakes at the feet. Patina finish will vary with each Heron.

Available sizes:

36 in. tall × 24 in. wide

30 in. tall × 20 in. wide

26 in. tall × 15 in. wide

This is an oval with 2 blue herons, a palm tree, clouds, etc. It is hand painted with blacksmith guilders paste and can be clear-coated for outdoor use.

The oval measures about 24 in. wide × 20 in. tall.

The basic color scheme is as shown. Since each one is hand painted, exact color details will vary.

It has been one of our most frequently requested items.

Measures approximately 6 in. x 6 in. on a 10 in. ground stake.

Black with an aged patina finish

Hummingbird1 patina

Light-blue hammer texture

Hummingbird Light-blue hammer texture

Gold hammer texture

Hummingbird1 patina

Green hammer texture

Hummingbird Green hammer texture

Olive green, not hammered

Hummingbird Olive green

Red hammer texture

Hummingbird Red hammer texture

Aged rust

Hummingbird Aged rust

Patinaed with red breast color

Hummingbird Patinaed with red breast color

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