Our services included custom design and fabrication of your design or ours. We have equipment for computerized CNC metalwork and can cut metals up to 1 inch thick.

We can also custom forge items using old fashioned techniques of the blacksmith trade.

We offer welding repair service here at our shop for all metals except aluminum or cast items.

Understand blacksmith forged work is all done utilizing traditional blacksmith methods. In many cases, forged work is combined with other metal fabrication methods which may include electric arc welding or electric drills. Back in the "old days", blacksmiths did not have electric welders to use and did all their forge welding in the coal forge. In these more modern times, we may use a combination of hand forge work, welding, drilling, etc. using a combination of techniques.

Understand traditional blacksmith work is mostly hands on and labor intensive. Prices are based more upon the amount of labor involved and the materials cost.

Our CNC machine can cut metals up to one inch thick and 4'x8 in length. If you have a design like a business logo or perhaps you want an individualized street address sign, we offer this service. Contact us for further assistance.

We offer both mig and arc welding services at our shop by Daniel, who has been specifically trained in this specialty.

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